We are a family-owned business that takes pride in our work and the relationships we have with our homeowners and our craftsmen. Our commitment to serving your individual requirements allows us to provide you with the personalized service needed to insure you receive your dream home. We work closely with our homeowners to achieve their goals. In the mid 1980’s we came to the Tallahassee area from Central Florida where we built custom homes mainly for the Miami-Dade retirees. We relocated because we were drawn to the youthful vigor of this part of Florida and the absolute beauty of the area. We have enjoyed a solid business here, based primarily on referrals from satisfied homeowners. After serving in the Navy, I joined a construction team that built churches and then became part of a firm that remodeled historical homes in New Orleans. I was able to gain a vast array of construction experience on both large and small projects before obtaining my license to start my own business.

My wife, Donna, was with me from the start and manages our office. She is actively involved in all the design phases of our projects and with her training and experience with interior design and decorating, helps direct the finishing touches. She is truly an essential asset and she will not let us stray from our theme of “The family’s home is their castle”.

-Marvin McPhate, Owner

Like the three legs of a stool, our company is based upon a balanced, well-organized team of people who each bring to their area of service both competence and integrity. This coordinated effort provides our client with a clear, consistent view of their home-building experience with attention to each of the details they are expecting to have provided.


Office Manager & Designer

Donna manages our office and is actively involved in all the design phases of our projects. With her extensive knowledge of interior decorating, she helps master the finishing touches. She is an essential asset to our organization and helps keep us true to our company-wide belief that “the home is the heart of the family”.


Owner & Operator

Marvin’s extensive knowledge as a home builder and general contractor covers over 40 years of experience. As an award-winning past-president of the Highlands County Builders Association, a chapter of the Florida Home Builders Association, Marvin served area residents and builders by providing strong leadership and inspiration. As Chairman of the local Zoning Board for 8 years, he helped guide the growth and development of the community for the good of all. It has been said of Marvin “he never built a house he didn’t love, and never saw a house he couldn’t improve.”


Construction supervisor, hard worker, a diamond in the rough.

Mike is Vanguard North’s number 1 man! His technical skill as a builder and his knowledge of the new standards and innovations in home building make him one of the most respected in his profession among other builders and contractors. Working closely with our clients in achieving their individual goals is his greatest passion, except of course for his wife and children who know him as a devoted husband and father!


Plumbing with Mike Seeders Plumbing


Tile Installation and Restoration with Quality Transformations


Project Manager

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