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About Us

Custom Home Building In Tallahassee, Fl

The home that you and your family start in is rarely the home that you spend most of your years in. After years of making do and renovating a room or two, you upgrade to a home with enough rooms to fit the kids and the dogs. But after a few more years, and even more growing of your family, you know that it’s time to finally create the dream home that your family has been waiting for—the home that you deserve.

With over 30 years of experience in custom home creation, Vanguard North is the company to choose in the Tallahassee, Florida area. The cornerstones of our work are craftsmanship and integrity, elements which we pride ourselves on delivering to each and every client.

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Designing And Building Your Custom Home

At Vanguard North, we pride ourselves on being able to take your home from dream to reality. The process that we undertake is as follows:

  • Ideas – you present us with your preferences for your new home, including images of what you’ve seen and liked.
  • Blueprints – our team draws up blueprints so you can envision what aspects of your home will be placed where, including bedrooms, hallways, and living areas.
  • 3-D modeling – we can also create 3-D models of your new home complete with furniture to give you a better “walk through” visual of your new home.
  • Samples – you will choose the right siding, countertops, wood, carpets, and tile for your home.
  • Building – once the planning stages have been completed and approved by you, our talented construction crew will begin building your dream home!
  • Custom Home Building In Tallahassee, Fl

    The benefits of a custom home are limitless! A custom-built home can:

  • Be designed to your exact specifications
  • Fit your budget
  • Effortlessly complement your lifestyle
  • Be what you’ve always wanted
  • Optimize your views
  • And more!

    Why Choose Vanguard North?

    A family’s home is their castle. We have believed this from the start of our business and consider it a core value of our work. Since Vanguard North is a family owned business, we believe in putting your family first.

    We provide free estimates of our custom home work and free designs for your new home! We are with you from the design process throughout the building to the final walk through, working next to you for every aspect of the custom home building process!

    To talk about your custom home design, fill out our contact form or call us at 850-997-0016.