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Bathroom Design

About Us

Designing Your Tallahassee, Fl Area Bathroom With Vanguard North

As a custom homebuilder in North Florida with over 35 years of experience, Vanguard North is the best option for all your new bathroom design and remodeling needs. Each bathroom design project is completed to exact specifications to ensure that your home is equipped with the perfect necessities. With our glowing testimonials from former clients, you can rest assured that your home is in the right hands with us.

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The Bathroom Design Process

Beginning with your inspiration—be it specific pictures or a general idea—we see the process through to completion; we’re with you until the last tile is laid! Vanguard North completes a wide array of bathroom design services, so whether you’re looking to install a new clawfoot tub, create a walk-in shower, or completely revamp your existing bathroom, you’re at the right place.

A few renovation and remodeling ideas we suggest are:

  • Incorporate a new tub to achieve a spa-like experience in your own bathroom
  • Include a vanity or cabinetry where you previously had none to help you create more storage space
  • Add new tile and backsplashes to accent areas of your bathroom that previously seemed bland
  • Update powder rooms through fixtures like a new sink and countertop to help add functional and monetary value to your home

Customizing Your Leon County Bathroom Through Renovation

When designing your bathroom, we look at three primary factors: the layout, the fixtures, and the functionality. Whether you are altering your current layout by expanding your bathroom’s dimensions or changing the location of a shower, bathtub, or sink, then our remodeling services are for you! Updating fixtures is an excellent way to customize your bathroom to increase your home’s appeal.

Functionality of your bathroom is crucial to our customization process, as we think everyone should truly love their bathroom. Young individuals who favor the rain shower feature see it as a great way to make their home truly feel like their own. Older couples have embraced the walk-in shower trend, with optional supportive and handicapped accessed accents.

You Can Count On Vanguard North

Vanguard North is established in the Tallahassee community and the surrounding area; we know you and have likely done work for your neighbors! We believe that every family’s home is their castle, so let us make yours the best that it can be.

Call us today at 850-997-0016 to discuss your bathroom remodeling needs—we’ll create a custom bathroom designed specifically for you!