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Kitchen Design

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Kitchen Design In The Tallahassee Area

Are you looking for professional assistance in designing your newly built home kitchen or for aid in a remodeling design? Do you want to draw people to the center of your home and make your kitchen truly useful? Our design services can help you accomplish your goals! From presenting us with images of you dream kitchen to installing the final drawer pull, Vanguard North is here for you.

If you are installing a new kitchen or looking to remodel or upgrade your current floorplan, contact us at 850-997-0016 or fill out our contact form!

Vanguard North’s Kitchen Designing Services

When we begin a kitchen design project, we feel it’s important to get to know you and your needs. Our kitchen renovations consist of the following steps:

  1. Conceptual Design – We have a conversation about your aesthetic preferences, priorities, and budget. This is the theoretical planning stage, where you can come with images of kitchens you like or we can talk through your options. A few things to consider in this stage are how you use your kitchen—are you a gourmet chef or is it an area where your kids do homework? What are your priorities? Is it more important to have a large refrigerator or to use space economically?At this stage we also discuss wish list items and don’t-want items; sometimes it’s more helpful to know that you don’t want another overhanging pot rack if you run into the one you currently have!
  2. Design – We complete site visits to measure dimensions, while finalizing the design plans. It is frequently helpful for clients to see 2-D blueprints and then stand in their own kitchen space for an explanation of what will go where in their renovated space. This can help determine flow patterns and benefits of a new layout.If you’re getting new appliances, we explore your ideal placement along with aspects like energy efficiency, ease of use, how they’re cleaned, and safety features, especially if you have children. Choices made at this stage also include tile, flooring, and appliance finishes.
  3. Construction – This is the exciting stage where physical work in your new kitchen has arrived! Tasks include product delivery and placement. If the layout of your new kitchen will feature expanded boundaries or the removal of a wall, this is the stage where those structural changes occur. With our clients always in mind, we work to keep as much of your home accessible as possible during the construction phase.
  4. Installation – With the arrival of materials, we can put appliances, cabinetry, and fixtures in place. At this point, we also install countertops, lighting, new windows, backsplashes—anything that you want to be in your new dream kitchen.
  5. Clean Up – Part of putting our clients first is ensuring we are leaving your home clean and ready for your use. We don’t leave behind building materials or put off cleaning after our installation; cleaning is a part of our renovation process so that you can start using your new kitchen on the first night!

Why Choose Us

Vanguard North has been in home remodeling and renovation for over 35 years and is the first choice for many Tallahassee, FL area families when it comes to kitchen redesign!

The cornerstones of our work are craftsmanship and integrity, elements which we pride ourselves on delivering to each and every client. Our testimonials speak for themselves, with former clients writing glowing reviews about our remodeling work and how easy it was to collaborate with us.

Custom Kitchen Designs/builds

A kitchen design allows you to reach all of your desired needs while still knowing the feel of your home will stay authentically yours. Our kitchen design services are top notch, catering to the needs of you, your family, and your home in the Tallahassee, Florida area.

Choose Vanguard North for your kitchen design needs for everything from a new installation to a home renovation! We can be reached through our contact form or by phone at 850-997-0016.