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Remodeling FAQ

Home Remodeling Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

In the time we have invested in our Tallahassee clients, our experts have been approached with a very, very broad variety of questions. Some of them might be strange and some of them might seem simple, but rest assured that all questions are equally important! At Vanguard North, meeting your needs and keeping you informed are of the utmost importance to us, so never hold a question because you might consider it a bother or insignificant.

Some questions we hear pretty frequently. In an effort to provide you with a baseline understanding and hopefully to clear up some common misconceptions, we thought it would be a good idea to build a compiled list of some of our most common queries!

Is My Remodeling Job Too Small?

Absolutely not! Wanting the added assistance and surety that comes when you work with certified professionals is always an excellent idea. A good, successful remodeling job can be of any size or scale, whether you’re looking to change the entire home or just add a walk-in closet!

Is My Remodeling Job Too Large?

Also no. The experts at Vanguard North have extensive experience handling everything from a kitchen remodel to an entire custom home. Regardless of where you want to start and how grand you envision the finish, we can provide.

How Important Is It For A Remodeling Company To Be Insured?

We’ve covered this topic more extensively in a recent blog, but we’ll tell you the same here that we did there. It is critically important. Without proper licensing and insurance, you can be left hung out to dry by less scrupulous contractors. Insurance protects both you and the company, and is absolutely necessary. This is why Vanguard North carries complete insurance and licensing; we do our best to provide honesty and dependability to our consumers.

Does My Remodeling Job Need A Permit?

Building codes do vary a bit from city to city, state to state. But the safe answer is yes. Generally any project that alters the structure or living space of a home requires a permit. As professionals, we carry the knowledge needed to ensure if a permit is needed, it will be procured.

What Am I Responsible For During The Remodeling Process?

Basically you should be prepared to handle all of your personal items and possessions. Be sure that you have somewhere established to safeguard your possessions during the remodeling process. This ensures the safety of your things, and additionally gives the team a clear area to complete the remodel.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started With My Remodel?

Pretty much the best way to start anything at all is communication! To begin your remodeling process, we would urge you to contact our team to get the ball rolling. This will start with a scheduled meeting, where we can do all of our meets and greets and learn what exactly it is you want to accomplish. Once that’s established, we can begin the overall process and detail to you how we will go about it.

Will My Goals And Ideas Be Important?

Important is an understatement. Your ideas, goals, and dreams are positively the number one most important part of any project. Any contractor or design team that says otherwise shouldn’t be doing remodel work! This is your home, and the remodel is your vision. Our job is to simply translate your ideas into functional realities, and Vanguard North works very hard to ensure that every remodel is exactly what you wanted!

Superior Remodeling Services With Vanguard North

It is our endless pleasure to be able to bring our patrons the absolute best remodeling and design services in the Tallahassee area. Have some more questions for our team? We would love to help!

Contact us today with any queries you may have or to begin your remodeling project with Vanguard North!