The living room is a place of gathering. It can just be for family or can extend to friends as well. Or, maybe it’s just your personal respite — a place to relax and enjoy your Tallahassee home. Are you satisfied with your living room space? If so, that’s wonderful! Being comfortable in your home is hugely important. But if not, you may want to consider a living room addition or a fresh living room remodel.

Vanguard North has been providing brilliant home remodeling solutions to our clients for over 35 years! Our team of remodeling contractors is wholly dedicated to ensuring that your home is an integral aspect of your life, and that it meets all of your personal wants and needs. If you currently lack a living room space or are simply unsatisfied with the one you have, we want to help and are more than happy to provide living room remodel ideas for your next home improvement project.

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To ensure that you absolutely get the space you want, our team needs to completely understand your tastes and needs. Bring us your living room remodel ideas for your ideal living space, no matter how minute or grandiose, and we can begin building your dreams into realities!

There are a few things our general contractor and his team always want to learn when meeting with you for the first time. Have your ideas and answers ready, and we can bring you our plan for how we’re going to create the perfect living room addition for you:

  • What you want most out of your space. Is the living room a central meeting place? Somewhere designed for downtime only? We’ll factor this into your new living room construction and design.
  • What you want the least. Your wants are critical, but it’s important to know the things you absolutely hate as well! Give us a heads up about any living room styles you aren’t fond of, so our remodeling contractors know what to avoid.
  • How you want the living room addition to flow with the rest of your home.

Once we have a clear image of your ideal living room space, we can begin building a preliminary design for your custom living room addition. We utilize 2D blueprints, of course, but we also offer digital 3D modeling for a more in-depth scope of what your new living space will look like in the end result.


Out of all the custom home building solutions available to you, what makes a living room addition so important? Well, our experts would argue that all custom home design and building projects are important — after all, this is your space, and you intend to stick to it for a long, long while. So, you might as well love it! A living room is one of the most often used spaces in any home, and molding yours to exactly meet your needs has its unique benefits:

  • Custom living space. When we say custom living room space, this carries a particular bit of weight and meaning. Your home is yours. Nothing we do actually alters that or makes it more yours. What it does do is it transforms your space into a reflection of your unique style and tastes. Every want and need is met, and you’re one step closer to having the ideal home for you.
  • Growth. Families grow, and your home should be able to grow along with it. Whether you’re making space for immediate family, friends, or any loved one, custom living room additions allow you to accommodate the growth of your household.
  • Added function. Whether simple comforts or improved technology, a custom living room addition allows you the opportunity to customize your space to fit your needs like a glove.


We’ve been supplying the highest quality custom home additions, remodels, and renovations for over three decades. Throughout the years, our team of remodeling contractors has assisted countless homeowners as they achieve the ideal space for them, and we want nothing more than the opportunity to do the same for you!

Perfect craftsmanship and integrity are the cornerstones of our home remodeling company — elements which we pride ourselves on delivering for every single home improvement project we’re involved in. But instead of listening to us toot our own horns, you could always check out our testimonials!

Contact the custom home addition and renovation team at Vanguard North today to begin building your ideal living room space!

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