Does your kitchen need an upgrade? Are you looking to replace appliances and fixtures for a more contemporary look? Do you want to improve your current tile backsplashes and accents by creating a unique kitchen design that better fits your family? Vanguard North has experienced kitchen designers and craftsmen who are here to help with your new kitchen renovation.

With more than 35 years of experience, we can be trusted with your kitchen renovation! Call us at (850) 997-0016 or fill out our contact form to speak with our general contractor!


When you work with us at Vanguard North, you are working with an experienced team of home remodeling contractors. Our kitchen design team will help you renovate your kitchen to get you the exact items you are hoping for: that perfect oven, the best faucet for your family’s needs, and cabinet refacing so that the aesthetics of your kitchen are exactly what you want.

While each kitchen renovation is individualized to the particular home, we follow these general steps for the design and planning stages:

  1. Initial Meeting – We have a free meeting to discuss what you want to include in the renovation process, your budget, and your preferences for kitchen colors and appliances. At this stage, we encourage you to bring pictures of what you like (and don’t like!) so that we get a better idea of what you want your kitchen renovation to include.
  2. Design Completion – A site visit is completed for measuring kitchen dimensions. This helps us render two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs to show you a visual of what your new cabinets, appliances, and tile will look like.
  3. Approval – Once we have your approval, we can begin the physical renovation process! Our experienced kitchen remodelers, supervised by our design team, move the new products into your home to begin the installation process.


Many homeowners find this to be the most exciting part of the kitchen renovation process because this is where they begin to see their new kitchen come together! When we install the elements of a renovated kitchen space, these are the steps we take:

  1. Removal of old kitchen features – To prepare for your kitchen’s new elements, our team takes out anything that will be replaced. This may include, but is not limited to, old tile, appliances, countertops, irrelevant fixtures, and more.
  2. Installation – Once your new kitchen appliances and features have arrived, our team installs them to complete your kitchen renovation!
  3. Clean Up – We don’t leave your kitchen a mess; we complete a thorough cleanup of your space once the kitchen renovation is done. That way it’s ready for you to start cooking in as soon as we walk out the door!

A kitchen renovation allows for you to customize your home to better suit your family’s needs and your personal preferences. Start yours today!

Call us at (850) 997-0016 or fill out our contact form to talk about your Tallahassee kitchen renovation!

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