The kitchen is what many homeowners would consider the “make or break” feature of their home. And to an extent, our designers and home builders at Vanguard North agree. The kitchen is the heart of your home, providing a place to feed your family, to gather, and occasionally get some work done. Are you finding yourself envisioning a larger, more modern kitchen for your home?

A kitchen addition is an excellent solution to meet your needs, as it is a great opportunity to remake your home using all your favorite kitchen ideas. Our kitchen design team would love the opportunity to work with you in creating the kitchen makeover of your dreams through a kitchen remodel or a complete room addition! Bring us your ideas, your pictures, and your goals — we’ll help refine them into realities.

If you are installing a new kitchen or are looking for a kitchen remodel or room addition for your current floor plan, call us at (850) 997-0016 or contact us online!


When we begin working on a room addition, our home builders and remodelers find that it’s crucial to get a full understanding of exactly what you want. We want all of your kitchen design ideas, no matter how simple or far-fetched they are. Pictures, videos, and anything else that might contain inspiration for what you need is important to our kitchen designers. This is your living space and we want to build it to match the kitchen makeover of your dreams.

  • Initial meeting and design. Our kitchen design team always begins by meeting with you in person. Here, we can discuss all of your wants and needs, establish a budget, and if moving forward, begin planning the changes and additions to be made for your new kitchen.
  • Final design. To nail down the perfect kitchen design, we will take measurements of all the dimensions of your space. We’ll then confer with you, discussing where appliances will be located and suss out whether or not we’ve gotten everything right.
  • Building your addition. Construction begins — and this is the fun part! Our home builders will take care of all the deliveries, placements, and necessary demolition in order to begin building your dream kitchen. When building a kitchen addition, our expert craftsmen are careful to not block access to the rest of your home, keeping everything as clean and traversable as possible while we bring your kitchen ideas to life.
  • Clean up. The final product is your new and improved kitchen, and you deserve to enjoy it! At Vanguard North, we complete every room addition project with a thorough and in-depth cleaning, leaving everything pristine and ready for use.


So what makes a kitchen addition so great? Well, for starters, kitchen additions offer an excellent and unique opportunity to make the changes you want to see — things that kitchen remodels and renovations don’t always entail. When you choose Vanguard North for a room addition, you can expect the following:

  • Personalized space. Not every kitchen reflects the wants and needs of its owner, but it should! With a kitchen addition, you have the opportunity to create the space you’ve always wanted, whether that means ripping up old kitchen flooring, tearing down walls, or expanding your kitchen by several yards. The possibilities are limitless with kitchen additions, and the best part is that every change is customized to include all of your favorite kitchen ideas.

  • Utility and function. Finding room for all of those modern conveniences and appliances can be frustrating if you simply lack the space. Home addition projects mean more room for extra counter space, a bigger oven or range, or even simply additional kitchen cabinets and drawers. Ironically, modern kitchens are notorious for a lack of counter space, and custom room additions offer the perfect solution for all of your unique needs.
  • Simpler than a total remodel. A full-scale home remodel frightens some homeowners, as there are many different aspects of home improvement going on at once. A room addition is a good, safe start for those who want change but aren’t ready for the commitment of having their entire house undergo construction.
  • Allows for growth. Your family might be growing or you might simply be outgrowing your current living space all on your own. Either way, a home addition provides the added space you need to stay comfortable in your own home as your needs and wants change over time. The kitchen is one of the most common examples of a space that is always being modified and expanded — and with so many fun kitchen design ideas out there, who can blame you for wanting to keep up with the latest trends?


Vanguard North has been in the kitchen renovation and remodeling business for over three decades, not to mention custom home building and custom home additions! We’ve helped countless Tallahassee, FL area families achieve the perfect home, and we would love nothing more than to do the same for you.

Skilled craftsmanship and integrity are the cornerstones of our family-owned and operated home remodeling business, elements which we pride ourselves on delivering for every single project we’re involved in. Interested in finding out what previous clients have to say about us?

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You deserve for your home to reflect your personal tastes, wants, and needs, and our team of experienced home builders is happy to help you get it! Addressing all of your home addition needs and desires, we at Vanguard North take pride in our customers’ satisfaction and enjoyment of their new space. Helping with each stage of the process, we make sure that you get the home you’ve always wanted. Check out our gallery of work to see before-and-after images of custom kitchens we have designed, renovated, and built from scratch in the Tallahassee area!

To learn more about our custom home building and home addition services or to set an appointment, contact us today! We look forward to bringing your kitchen ideas to life! 

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