Considering a garage addition or garage remodel for your Tallahassee home? Maybe you have a garage that you want to convert into a more usable space. Whatever your reasoning, our team of expert home remodelers and designers can create a functional garage space you’ll be proud to show off.

No matter your needs or ideas for a garage addition, our expert design and build team at Vanguard North can provide. Our custom home building and remodeling business has been family-owned and operated for over thirty years, and we’ve learned more than a thing or two about bringing our customers the changes they want most!

To get started with your garage conversion, addition, or remodeling project, contact Vanguard North today! You can reach our general contractor online, or contact us over the phone at (850) 997-0016!


When you have a specific garage design in mind, the last thing you want is some design expert shooing your ideas and wants to the side. At Vanguard North, your goals are our goals. This is your home addition, and we want to ensure that your every need is covered and provided for during the garage design and building process.

With Vanguard North, our process proceeds by:

  • Determining your goals. Understanding the purpose of your garage addition is the key to bringing you the best contracting services we can provide. This will include a sit-down with our design experts to suss out the specifics. Do you need a larger garage? One with additional space for work and/or tinkering? Once we have the basics of your garage addition goals and dreams, we can begin formulating a plan.
  • Planning and modeling. To ensure a smooth home addition project, and to ensure that all of your vision is being included, we will provide detailed modeling of your upcoming addition. Once these models are completed, we will fully review the process with you before proceeding to the build.
  • The build. This is where our master craftsmen shine. Your garage addition will be completed using high-quality materials, and our home builders will be wholly dedicated to seeing your addition to fruition.
  • Clean up. We’re never one to leave a mess. Once the garage addition has been completed, we’ll handle all of the final touches and clean up, leaving you to enjoy your new home addition headache-free!


When you choose Vanguard North for your garage remodel, you have peace of mind knowing that it is undertaken in the way we would undertake our own — with careful consideration, dedication, and skill. We know that outlining our procedures allows customers to better understand what their garage remodeling experience will be like.

You also get the benefit of our experienced and credentialed sub-contractors working for you, who are ready to create your garage’s new image. We handle everything, from the material deliveries to installation to electrical to cleanup, so that you don’t have to.

Our garage remodeling procedures include the following:

  • Dismantling everything that will be remodeled
  • Addressing small structural aspects, like skylights
  • Changing large structural pieces, like wall removal or installing new windows
  • Installing cabinets and tiles
  • Configuring your plumbing and electrical components
  • Fitting and placing necessary appliances
  • Coating your countertops and flooring with a seal so that they last longer
  • Thoroughly cleaning your newly remodeled garage


Is your garage just a place to park? Maybe so, if that’s all you want. But a garage addition in Tallahassee can provide additional benefits as well, including:

  • Usable space. Whether you just need a spot for storage or you want to build your own in-house wood shop, a garage addition can be the perfect solution to meet your needs.
  • Overall home value. If you’re interested in improving the value (and curb appeal) of your home, a garage addition is an awesome place to start. No one wants some corrugated shanty to park in, and a custom garage addition done by Vanguard North is sure to turn some heads.
  • Improved home function. While we strive to provide beauty and innovation in all of our work, sometimes you just need additional function. A new, modern garage can be used for many things, even if it’s just keeping your trusty vehicle dry during a Florida storm!


When you want a garage installation for your home, you want something that is built to last. Our garage addition services are unparalleled throughout the Tallahassee area, and our experts can guarantee that you’ll get the addition you’ve always wanted! Give us a call to discuss our garage remodeling services and custom garage additions.

Contact Vanguard North today to get the added function and features a Tallahassee garage addition can provide!

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