Remodel Your House to Suite Your Needs as You Age

As homeowners, we tend to bond with our homes. This is where countless memories were made, families were raised, or lives have been lived. For those of us who are attached to our homes, leaving them as we age can be a frustrating, terrifying, or saddening prospect. But luckily for use, we live in an age of technology and advancement. Aging-in-place renovations, remodels, and home additions have been an exemplary solution, and it is one that our custom home builders are proud to provide.

Vanguard North is Tallahassee’s Top Rated Local® remodeling company, and we’ve been family-owned and operated for 35 years. This is important for many reasons, not the least of which that we’ve proven to be quite successful overall! More importantly, our business is more than just a job or project; it is our passion. When you work with our general contractor, master craftsmen, and expert design team, you’re part of our family too!

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The term itself overall refers to a homeowner or family member wishing to stay at home, in a place that is comfortable and familiar, for as long as possible. As we age, our needs change and evolve, and aging-in-place renovations address these changing needs, allowing you to remain comfortable and active over the years.


Advancements in home technology have provided our designers, project managers, and carpenters with numerous options and capabilities to provide for your changing needs. With our expert design team, craftsmen, and trusted sub-contractors, we can improve the function, accessibility, and safety of your home with:

  • Improved lighting. The visibility in your home is critical for a variety of reasons — some are obvious, and some are a little more vague. Either way, your home lighting needs change as you age, and you need to ensure you have the lighting solution that is best for your home. Some opt for “smart” lighting during their aging-in-place home renovation, which are automated systems that simplify motion through the home and improve overall quality of life.
  • Ramps and access systems. Being able to easily move about your home is always important, but your needs for easy access to rooms will certainly change over time. If stairs are a frustration or bother, many opt for simplified ramps when they embark on an aging-in-place home remodel.
  • Home alterations. Multiple floors seem like a blessing to many, but you may find yourself more agitated than awed by your second floor as you age. Home alterations might include sizing down to a single floor, or perhaps including a power stair-life chair or even an access elevator.

  • Home additions. Many who choose an aging-in-place lifestyle choose to combine their lives with other family members, necessitating a complete home addition. This is a straightforward task, and custom home additions are an awesome solution that our experts would be more than pleased to provide.
  • Safety measures. Whether you need grab bars, shower chairs, or slip-free floors, your options for safety are nearly endless with an aging-in-place home renovation.
  • Smart appliances. Home technology like televisions, radios, audio systems, cooking implements, and more might become somewhat of a challenge to deal with. That’s where smart appliance upgrades come in!
  • Programmable systems. Consider using smart solutions for your aging-in-place home improvement project. Programmable thermostats, lighting systems, and sprinkler systems can be implemented according to your tastes.
  • General access improvements. Shelves may need to be lowered, switches might need to be adjusted, and uneven footing might need to be corrected. The goal of an aging-in-place renovation is to make locomotion simple and stress-free!


Our team at Vanguard North is dedicated to providing only excellence for your home remodel, addition, or renovation. We understand that fulfilling your unique needs is critical to success, both yours and our own!

To learn more about our aging-in-place renovations, remodels, and additions, or to begin the process, contact us today!

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