Home remodeling is one of the most exciting and rewarding home improvement projects a homeowner can take on, whether it is a complete home renovation or a simple bathroom remodel. That being said, it’s important to look to trade professionals for tips and advice before diving right in, no matter the size or scope of your project. Our home remodeling experts at Vanguard North are the very best in Monticello and the greater Tallahassee area, and will do everything they can to ensure that your project is a success. Visit our office on Casa Bianca Road or read through this blog series for all the remodeling tips you need to start transforming your home, from kitchen remodeling to garage additions and exterior home remodeling.

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodels are one of the most commonly sought-after home improvement projects, as they add an incredible amount of value to your home while making it a more productive and enjoyable space. Yet with so many beautiful, innovative features and materials to choose from these days, it can be easy to get carried away and blow through your budget. So, here are a few tips to help you keep your priorities in check and make the most of your kitchen remodel.

Make Efficiency Your First Priority

The kitchen is the most productive room in your house, which means that your kitchen remodel should include upgrades that contribute to increased efficiency. Before you start envisioning a spacious kitchen with superfluous appliances, step back and make a plan. Think about how you use your current kitchen and what frustrates you. Do you not have enough storage space? Is your microwave too far away from your stovetop and fridge? It’s obstacles like these that should be addressed first when you start dreaming up your brand new kitchen. That way, the other details will fall into place around them, creating a space that is both efficient and pleasant for you to spend time in.

Create A Practical Floor Plan

Many people approach kitchen remodels under the impression that the floor plan is theirs to completely reconfigure however they like. While this is technically true, and our home remodeling experts can do it, the more permanent aspects of your kitchen, like plumbing, large appliances, and islands, are generally very difficult and expensive to move around. Rather than fixating on unnecessary changes that will actually make your life more difficult, think about how you can work with the space you have and maximize its layout for optimal functionality. Ideally, your refrigerator should sit right next to your oven and stove so you don’t have to walk all the way to the other side of the room when you forgot to grab an ingredient out of the fridge. Likewise, your dishwasher should be near your sink so you aren’t dripping water across the entire kitchen when you rinse off a plate and proceed to stick it in the dishwasher. The same goes for floor space and pathways; be sure not to create a maze in your kitchen, as this will likely cause frustration once you see past the aesthetic and find yourself dodging barstools and countertops on your way to the fridge at night.

Don’t Skimp On Hardware

When we say “kitchen remodel,” many homeowners think of dramatic changes and glamorous new kitchen features. As it turns out, innovative hardware is one of the most beneficial tools you can add to your kitchen, and it all goes back to efficiency and practicality. Many modern kitchens are equipped with cabinet and appliance hardware, like knobs, bars, and pulls, which greatly improve your ease of navigation while also dressing up your new or existing kitchen features. These little additions have the power to transform inconvenient, cumbersome kitchen features into ones that are easy to use. The same also goes for internal pieces of hardware, such as drawer dividers and cabinet lighting. With kitchen remodels, it’s the small things that count.

Stick To Your Budget, But Pick A Few Features To Splurge On

We know better than anyone that kitchen remodels are meant to be fun, adventurous, and even a little expensive. After all, you wouldn’t embark on a complete kitchen renovation if all you needed to do was make a few small changes. That being said, it’s important to stick to your budget and choose a few major features to splurge on, rather than going all-in on all the latest materials and products. Ask yourself: “Do I really need maple hardwood floors, or will laminate or tile suffice? Would I rather have granite countertops or brand new oak cabinets? Am I in need of a water-saving dishwasher or an induction cooktop?” If you have the budget for all of these things, great! But odds are, you don’t. As hard as it is, try to narrow down the major upgrades to a few favorites you simply can’t live without. Make sure that you choose upgrades that also serve a purpose, whether that means energy-saving appliances or features that offer extra convenience or ease of use.

Let Vanguard North Remodel Your Kitchen

We hope you’ve found these kitchen remodeling tips helpful and will return for more home remodeling tips in future posts of this blog series. Vanguard North is the leading home design, building, and remodeling business in the Monticello and Tallahassee areas, and has been serving local homeowners for years, so you can trust our advice. And, if you are still looking for an experienced remodeling contractor to spearhead your project and bring your kitchen remodel ideas to life, visit our office or give us a call today! We’d love to bring your home remodeling goals and dreams to life.