DIY projects — taking on a remodeling project in your home by yourself — is becoming an increasingly popular trend in home improvement. It seems appealing, right? What better way to make your home your own than customizing it with your own bare hands and knowledge? Unfortunately, the idea is better in theory.

While tackling a home improvement project yourself can be very fulfilling, it also opens you up to substantial risks that hiring a professional home design contractor like Vanguard North doesn’t. Unless you’re an experienced craftsman already, tackling a home remodeling project yourself is far less efficient, too. We don’t want to discourage your creativity, but trust us — there’s a reason we’re one of Tallahassee’s Top Rated Local® home improvement companies. Read on to learn some of the reasons why you should trust our home design professionals with your remodeling work.

DIY Is More Expensive Than You’d Think

The sticker price for professional remodeling work can seem high, but home design companies can often get better prices on supplies by buying in bulk than you could as an individual. Professional-grade tools aren’t cheap either, and neither is the cost of the permits that are required for some types of remodeling work. You may be saving on labor costs, but every other aspect of your project is likely to cost more for you than it does for home improvement companies like us.

DIY Is Time-Consuming

Savings on labor costs can be deceiving, too, if you consider time as valuable as money. While professional remodeling can seem expensive, home design contractors are skilled and efficient, and will be able to complete your project within a set time frame. Unless you’re a skilled handyman yourself, tackling your project is going to involve several hours of planning and researching how to complete the work you want done, and that’s before factoring in the time it takes to complete the project at a novice’s work pace. DIY may save you money, but it’s often a big waste of time.

DIY Can Be Dangerous

Depending on the type and scale of the home renovations you want done, tackling them DIY can also be enormously unsafe! Remodeling professionals are highly experienced and trained in how to work safely, and are often required by law to invest in safety gear or take specific precautions if the project is particularly hazardous. Before attempting a DIY project, ask yourself: “What’s the worst thing that could happen if I mess up?” If the answer is anything more than some minor cuts or bruises, hire a professional to do the project.

DIY Could Hurt Your Home’s Value

Finally, the biggest issue with DIY home improvement is that your final results could hurt your home’s value! Unlike contractors, which have to fix issues with work or any problems they create on the job, you are not protected from any mistakes you make on your project, and any less-than-stellar workmanship is on you.

Instead of wasting time and money and potentially risking your safety tackling a home improvement project, trust a professional to handle it. Call Vanguard North! We can handle projects of any size, and the stunning, Top Rated Local® results we achieve speak for themselves. See samples of our renovation work today!