Whether you’re building a custom home or you’re embarking on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, the end result depends on how much thought and effort you put into the initial design. A lot goes into designing your dream home, and our designers are here to make sure all your wants and needs are reflected in your home design. Contact our design team and general contractor at Vanguard North to get started on your next home improvement project, and take note of these tips for creating the best home design!

Get Your Home Design Ideas On Paper

If you’re breaking ground on a custom-built home or you’re taking on a home remodeling project, the first thing you’ll need to do is get all your ideas on paper. Organization is key when it comes to building a house or remodeling rooms in your home, so spend the weeks leading up to your project jotting down all your home design ideas on paper. That being said, try to keep it minimal at first so you don’t get overwhelmed. Stick with the general feel you want for your new space, such as a modern style or a cozy country home aesthetic. Then, you can expand your ideas in terms of floor plan ideas, building materials, furniture, and other interior design elements.

Be Creative, Yet Realistic

The key to designing a house is being creative and making stylish choices that are also functional. Remember, you’re going to live at this house for a while, so you’ll need to enjoy the space while being able to go about your daily life. Think about your family’s needs and come up with ways to satisfy them while creating a space that is uniquely yours. Need more kitchen storage? Consider investing in a kitchen island with drawers and some custom kitchen cabinets that brighten up your space while adding more storage room. Want a luxury master suite, complete with a freestanding tub, double sink vanity, and a large shower? Pick out your favorite bathroom features without cluttering the space.

Let Your Budget Drive Decisions

The most difficult thing about designing home improvement projects is sticking to your budget and choosing what to splurge on when you want lots of different things. When you’re looking for kitchen ideas or bathroom remodel ideas, make a list of priorities and let your budget drive your decisions. If you’re torn between a new kitchen island and some brand new hardwood floors, for example, put functionality over aesthetics and go with the more practical option. In this case, an island will grant you more space for food prep and cooking, which is a necessity for lots of families. When in doubt, go with your gut and stick with your budget!

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