Summer is the perfect time to remodel your kitchen. The weather is nice and the sun is shining, providing all the more reason for you to brighten up your home with a kitchen remodel. Whether you’re looking to let more natural light into your home or it’s time to do a complete kitchen makeover, our kitchen designers are here to help! Contact Vanguard North today to get some kitchen design ideas and a custom remodeling quote, or check out these five kitchen design ideas for inspiration!

White Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets can brighten up any space, particularly older kitchens that need a facelift. The color white is timelessly classy, and white or cream-colored cabinets can bring your kitchen back to life with a sleek, modern look that is bright and energizing. So, if your kitchen cabinets still have that tacky ’70s stain, it’s time to break ground on a kitchen cabinet refacing project with the help of our local remodeling contractors. Depending on the type of cabinets you have, we’ll either sand down the stain or remove the veneer and replace it with one that is the perfect shade of white or cream.

Open Shelving

If you’re not a fan of kitchen cabinets, consider open shelving. This is a great alternative for homeowners who have a small kitchen and are looking to open up their space to make it appear bigger. Plus, open shelving looks great — it’s trendy, modern, and it gives your space a refreshed look that is reminiscent of a quaint coffee shop or a rustic kitchen. The only downside of open shelving is that you’ll have more dusting to do, but this shouldn’t be a problem if the only plates, bowls, and dishes exposed are used on a regular basis.

Wooden Features

Here in Tallahassee, many homeowners are gravitating toward the natural look, with hardwood floors, butcher block countertops, and beautiful wooden cabinets. Wooden features create a sophisticated yet comfortable environment that is earthy and serene, which makes any space feel like home. Wood also looks great with every color and style of appliance, making it a great material to tie all the aspects of your new kitchen design together.

Natural Materials

In addition to integrating wooden features with modern appliances, many homeowners are turning to raw materials for their kitchen remodels. Whether it be wooden cabinet pulls, leather accents, stone tile, or shiplap, elements of nature are making their way into modern kitchen remodels all over the country. If you are looking for a nice balance of natural elements and modern technology in your kitchen, our kitchen designers would be more than happy to walk you through some kitchen design ideas and help you pick out the right materials to brighten up your space.

Open Kitchen

Another way to refresh your kitchen is to open up your space, rather than leaving it as its own separate room. If your kitchen is located right next to your dining room or living room, for example, knocking down some walls during your home remodel can make your kitchen feel bigger, brighter, and less shut off from the rest of your house.

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